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Kip Tjappings


Favorites are films I'm looking forward to seeing at IFFR 2021.

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  • Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

    Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

    This film absolutely shook me. Or actually, I should say Maya Angelou absolutely shook me, and the film brought her to me. Counting my lucky stars that I got to see this at the cinema and I just know I'll be convincing people to watch this for years to come.

  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show

    Saw this on a wrecked 35mm print, soundtrack barely audible, and the film broke halfway through the last scene between Sonny and Ruth. Seeing Anarene disintegrate on film that's disintegrating too, and then having the film die right before the film ends. Worked perfectly.

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  • Letter from an Unknown Woman

    Letter from an Unknown Woman

    Seen on the eve of a five-week lockdown; my last film in the cinemas in 2020...

  • Beats of the Antonov

    Beats of the Antonov

    EDIT: All 11 arrested artist have been released and acquitted of charges. I'll leave the original call for their release up below here, please note that it is no longer relevant and do not reach out to the Sudanese embassies.


    URGENT CALL TO FREE HAJOOJ KUKA - Two days ago, on September 17 2020, hajooj kuka and four fellow artists were wrongly arrested and sentenced to be imprisoned for two months on "trumped-up charges" following a noise-complaint during a…

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  • Half Moon

    Half Moon

    Ignore the terrible poster; this is exactly as wonderfully realized and intentional and visionary as the poster isn't. (edit: it's a different poster now!) Captivating from start to finish, genuinly laugh-out-loud funny, and darkly poetic like the Grimm fairytales before they were defanged and Disneyfied. A Kurdish 'klucht' where the political is personal. Highly recommended.

  • The Red Turtle

    The Red Turtle

    Beautifully realised. The images, the soundtrack, the "heart" of it all. Looking forward to rewatching this and digging a little deeper into what it all means (to me).