Possessor ★★★½

Just having finished the film, I am pretty mixed. The strongest aspect for me is the execution of existential horror. The scene with Colin and Ava reminded me of the scene in Halloween, where Lynda believes she is looking at her boyfriend but it is instead Michael Myers coldly staring at her, while she just continues to talk to him not knowing what is behind the sheet. Though the scene is kind of silly, it always stuck with me as the scariest part of the movie and it holds true with Possessor as well. The gore was well done and the comparisons to Fulci are more than fair. However I don’t think the tone warrants the level of gore or nudity, and I don’t think it is explained well enough why Vos is as brutal as she is with each slaying. Maybe it is a placebo effect from the surname “Cronenberg” being attached, but I also feel it is too similar to his father’s films which makes it lacking in voice. I dunno, it was still worth watching though and I think it’ll be fun to dissect some more.

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