Daughters of Fire ★★★½

super dreamy! a very cozy watch ripped straight from tv, commercial cuts remaining and recurring reminders of the title and that it was made in brazil. i wish more movie streams were like that. granted the graininess was almost too much, i would love to see this with its colours brought to life. it clearly loves its blood red, despite a lack of blood.

i think i hope for too much when i read something is 'bizarre'. i thought there'd be more creepy imagery. it gets away with being so slow by centring on a sweet lesbian couple i dont mind following around, listening to diana share her memories, talk to her diary, tease her housekeeper. lesbian ghosts are a plus, though its more amusingly awkward than creepy as the one who can see watches them kiss with a look of horror. i was sad not to see the ball. more horror movies should feature masquerade balls. more movies in general actually.

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