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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    I approached this film with an extra layer of curiosity in light of my wife having read the novel it's based on recently. She spoke to me at length about it, having found it intriguing and even unsettling for some length, before she experienced what I can only describe as loathing for the conclusion. I'm thinking of giving it a go myself, just to see how I take it, and now to compare it to the film, which comes across…

  • The Phantom Carriage

    The Phantom Carriage


    Reviewed as part of the History of Horror 2017 Challenge. You can find my list here if you'd like to follow along!

    The Phantom Carriage is a silent Swedish movie directed by Victor Sjöström, who also plays the leading role. The story is based on a novel by Selma Lagerlöf but to the average viewer, a great number of parallels could be drawn to A Christmas Carol. On New Years Eve, a woman on her deathbed calls for a man,…

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  • Brain Damage

    Brain Damage


    I wasn't very much a fan of Basket Case, but have been curious about Henenlotter's other works; I especially am now. Sleazy, surreal, humorous, yet often slips into such darkly tragic territory as to take me completely off guard. There's nothing quite like it.

  • Synchronic



    Moorhead and Benson once again bring forth an interesting sci-fi concept, and make the most of a presumably limited budget, though I would venture a guess that they had more to work with this time than on some past features. Truth be told, while I have liked each of their films so far, I've still yet to be really wowed by any of them, and that continues with Synchronic.

    We've got a great production here, with plenty of neat visuals,…

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  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    Yeah, I just burst into tears at the sight of two animated bears hugging in a theater packed full of children.

  • The Silence

    The Silence


    Birdemic with a budget. Tucci and Shipka deserve better than this.