Forbidden Planet ★★★½

Reviewed as part of the History of Horror 2020 Challenge. You can find my list here if you'd like to follow along!

Finishing up one challenge list, and returning to another! It's easy to see the impact this movie had, and it's certainly a marvel for it's time. Awesome sets, props, and delightful animated effects on top. The first of it's kind electronic score is charming, and the cast does well (it's wild to see the young Leslie Nielsen making his movie debut).

I considered giving this that half star bump for all that it does right, and its legacy, but it's hard to ignore the elements of the plot that haven't aged well. This is an incredibly thirsty movie, with nearly half its runtime devoted to the men lusting after the single female character (Anne Francis performs admirably with what little she's given). It's not surprising for the times, but even in context it felt like a bit much. It didn't help the pacing either, with the real threat not being revealed until incredibly late into the film. It's a lovely film to look at, but the narrative felt rather formless for far too long, though the conclusion is classic pulp sci-fi philosophizing.

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