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  • Buddies
  • Teen Witch
  • Liquid Sky
  • House of Games

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  • Galaxy Express 999: The Movie

  • Mirror

  • Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell

  • Streetwise

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  • Galaxy Express 999: The Movie

    Galaxy Express 999: The Movie

    Definitely feels like the "abridged version of a much longer series" that I was warned it would be. Squeezing so much worldbuilding and so many characters into two hours sort of dilutes the impact of the story's chief ideas (particularly the relationship between Tetsuro and Maetel) but all the crumbs I was given ended up being pretty good.

  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour

    Giving the microphone at a Q&A to a “person who lacks warmth” typically doesn’t go that well.

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