The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★★

i love this, i love this, i love this. just watched this when i should be studying cause i love to procrastinate!

"Similarly to Lady Vengeance, this is about women breaking away from an oppressive, misogynistic and patriarchal environment and finding strength in themselves to regain their own agency. The women in this also explore their sexuality and are liberated from the sexual exploitation of their bodies in a way that is pure and beautiful to watch. This film incorporates so many genres. It is a romance, a thriller, and a period drama—all at once—and does this masterfully. It is an extraordinary piece of filmmaking, and every scene is so wonderfully crafted. It is, without a doubt, Park’s best film, and I just love it so much." - my words on The Handmaiden for The Film Era and why its in my top 5 favourite films.

the rest of my top 5 is here:

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