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  • Stagecoach



    An incredibly wholesome Western, where the plot comes to a halt to linger on anxious men who don't know what to do with themselves as a woman struggles in her labor. An escaped prisoner, a gentleman gunfighter and a whiskey runner stand around, anxious and helpless. When the child - a girl - is born successfully, we linger again as John Wayne's quiet Ringo gazes at a woman and baby.

    This tenderness and patience are typical of the lyrical John…

  • Treasure Planet

    Treasure Planet


    I recently rediscovered Treasure Planet, and y'all, I think it's an honest-to-goodness classic. Stunning visuals, a smart adaptation of a classic story, and some incredibly moving father-son dynamics. Criminally underrated.

    I can't easily recall another film that displays a positive father figure praising a young man in such a specific and inspiring way. It's a great model of positive fatherhood, never cloying, because we know from the get-go that Long John is a pirate.

    Coupled with how poignantly the film…

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  • God's Not Dead

    God's Not Dead


    Evil Atheist Professor standing in rain.


    Dad: "Haha maybe he'll get hit by lightning."

    *Car slams into professor*

    Dad: "Oh."

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    I Got That Reference: The Movie.

    Marvel has always relied on the intertextual thrills of carrying references from one movie to another. In this film, for the first time, the references can talk back. Of course, they would - since this is a [GENRE REDACTED] movie. The question is how you engage with that history in a way that illuminates the past and enhances the future, without erasing the stakes of what went before.

    For the most part, the Russos…