Distant Voices, Still Lives

Distant Voices, Still Lives ★★★★½

"Distant Voices, Still Lives" is dramatic and tragic in its depiction of a working-class family. The UK culture it depicts for the time period may be a bit foreign for outsiders, but the familiar topics of family upbringing is what makes this a universal film. The portrayal of domestic violence is intense at times but the negatives are weaved in and out of the positives which makes for a hallucinatory trip. There is no real plot or straightforward narrative here, this film strolls from one memory to the next almost seamlessly. At times it feels like we've only hit the surface of the thoughts and feelings of the siblings. The set design really pulls one into the time period the film takes place in, temporarily making the viewers forget where they are. It's kind of a nostalgia trip for some as the singing breaks out of the bleakness of the family turmoil, which can be quite touching if one is able to adjust to the film's pacing. "Distant Voices, Still Lives" is a good choice for those looking for films to that dive a little deeper into tough emotions and bittersweet memories. The visuals, acting, and mood, are what makes this movie thrive. At the very least it is a close masterpiece.

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