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  • Frida



    Suffers from too much Diego Rivera, gratitious sex scenes, and the sanitization of history typical in Hollywood biopics. The way her pieces are shown in the movie is inventive and affecting. If only there was more of that.

  • Diabolique


    Funny that the reputation of this movie relies so much on its mysterious twist when there's only one suspect. Still a great thriller though.

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  • Journey to Italy

    Journey to Italy


    I was reminded of Ozu. Like in Ozu's work, the use of narrative ellipses allows Rossellini to skip over "important" events (eg, the selling of the house) in favor of introspective ones. Your enjoyment of these types of films is dependent on how much you appreciate these quieter scenes.

    I happen to love them. I think they give the viewer a heightened sense of voyeurism, more than is inherent to the medium, because you see characters in the moments between…

  • Hamilton



    If this were made in a foreign country we'd call it blatant propaganda. Not interesting propaganda either, the lyrics are corny and the conflict between Hamilton and Burr superficial. Besides a couple "Epic Rap Battles of History" segments, the conflict between the two sides amounts to Hamilton being impulsive and Burr procrastinating. There's some stuff about central banks in there, but you won't learn anything a glance at Wikipedia wouldn't have taught you. Most of Hamilton's controversial opinions are whitewashed…