A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★

This is just as dumb as I remembered, if not more so. And that awful script appears to be even more awful because everything else here is wonderful. The acting? Great. The cinematography? Beautiful. Production design? Lovely. That scene where they dance? Gorgeous. The way Big Tuna films his real life wife as if she was some kind of a goddess/angel? Absolutely heartwarming.

Seriously, my goal in life is to find a man who will love me as much as Krasinski loves his wife. You can just FEEL that love radiate off the screen.

But that script?! I understand these people are grieving but a baby is the noisiest creature on this planet. It's a silent apocalypse, you idiots. Use a condom and focus on the kids you have.

If that baby gets Cillian Murphy killed in the sequel I'm gonna be so pissed off.

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