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  • The Eyes of Orson Welles

    The Eyes of Orson Welles


    Irish introvert Mark Cousins continues his series of interviewing absent filmmakers. This one comes after his one-camera Bunuel-in-Mexico travelogue.
    And I'm down for it.
    His halting, question filled narration is still comfortably close to how I watch any film. So any new Cousins is always welcome here.
    This is an incredible sincere bio of Welles the artist, watch it twice for that alone. Three times for the incredible footage.
    Cousins knows faces are a big pull for the human brain,…

  • Sid & Nancy

    Sid & Nancy


    Cox's Romeo and Juliet-as-lens device holds up better decade after decade. It's the super-brief (23 months?) dead end romance journey of the most notorious borderline addicts in the 20th century.
    It almost comes off like a memoir journey of their ghosts, reliving and re-ignoring the class warfare landscape around them, what with the inappropriate age of Oldman & Webb, and the haunted interludes and transitions defying time, logic, or likelihood that only increase as they approach their demise.
    But hey .…

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  • Stolen Desire

    Stolen Desire


    I've waited a while to check out Imamura's first feature, not too sure what to expect.
    And I was right.
    It's a crazily highly competent Blake Edwards type feature, about a theater troupe in I guess late 1950s Japan, dealing with the economics, the relationships, the art of being a traveling theater troupe. It has some hints of Felliniesque touches here and there, but more like a retake of Canada's Slings and Arrows, without the emphasis on echoing the pieces…

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    The Most Dangerous Game


    About as pre-James Bond as you can get.
    Off the map island fortress, wigged out super villain, expert hero with a lot of attitude and training, Fay Wray type figure who needs to be rescued ( in this case it is Fay Wray)
    Hits all the notes even motorboats, jungle traps, waterfall escapes and release the hounds! danger. And in 62 minutes.

    But forget the hunting humans angle, for me this is all about Robert Armstrong's weedy voiced lush as…

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  • Boyhood



    An experiment in filming, where the conceit is the content. This is a 12 year+ chronicle of an american working class family post 9/11. All the usual Linklater elements are strong here. Dumbed down philosophical angst, the shorthand of cliques, walking scenes and talking scenes and walking and talking scenes. Sudden domestic danger to liven the pace. Amateur actors left to tread water in long, long sunny takes to slow it back down.

    It's on 35mm with colors bursting like…

  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water

    Inexplicably depressed Nationalist propaganda film about open carry, Ford trucks and actually gettin the feels about yer dead Mexican/Indian sidekick. There are no villains in the story, just heroes and bystanders cuz Texas.

    If ever there was a case for story being nearly inconsequential to how good a film is (a case I make always), it's this story, written by Taylor Sheridan . . . who also wrote Sicario and won awards for it. HoHi's screenplay begs for another go-round…