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John Anderson

I played an Astronaut once.
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  • The Spanish Prisoner

    The Spanish Prisoner


    Completely bewildering. Mamet doing Hitchcock. Lots of fun. Ultimately very shallow. I guess I’m having trouble here because I’m under the impression that Mamet is not a nice person. And this thing he has with con artists that I’ve only recently become aware of is fascinating. I really do think his dialogue is bad. It seems almost like it’s bad on purpose in order to create a challenge for great actors. And great actors make it work. But then he…

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    This is a fun one. I was reminded of the work of Cassavetes, Truffaut, Assayas, and August Strindberg, among others (I won’t say which films for spoilers’ sake). But hey now. Wow. This movie fucking rules. The performances (chef’s kiss) make me want to go back to Syracuse. SU drama was cool. We got into some fucked up shit. But we should have gone deeper. Fuck yes. BTW those “works” by other people I mentioned earlier... they suck compared to this. Fuck them. And fuck ME. And FUCK US. BUT NOT you. YOU are great. You should watch this movie and enjoy it. Bon nuit.

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  • It Cuts Deep

    It Cuts Deep


    I am in this movie and I love it. Quinn is phenomenal in it. Nick’s script and direction are inspired. But Charles was in character the whole time we shot. Was that really necessary? He’s great in the movie but if I were to play Charles in a movie, and I wanted to stay in character the whole time, I would have to figure out how to get my head all the way up my own ass.

  • Mank



    This was a lot of fun. For me. Court got so bored after forty minutes I got worried that she might be ill. But I guess if you’re exactly my type of nerd this will scratch all the itches. 

    I wasn’t reminded very much of Citizen Kane, or of any other films of that era. I was reminded a lot of La Dolce Vita and of House of Cards (I only saw the first two seasons).

    With one exception, the female…