Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★

this is rly compelling for a while, the platitudinous script is rendered inert by snyder’s visual/rhythmic fetishes, there’s a real sense of terror abt superman that’s conveyed v well, and the film’s eye for iconography means there are actual moments, actual dynamics in here, i.e. it is mostly recognizable as a movie w promotional considerations (lol at the flash ? showing up). BUT the actual batman vs superman fight is weirdly disinterested and perfunctory. and it’s shuffled offstage to make way for the big flashy finale 😣 also sorry but ... a little ugly? a lot of the more lowkey scenes looked rly flat and uninteresting. maybe i should watch the upcoming re-colored imax-ratio cut 🤡

seeing a superhero movie sardonically joke abt CIA interventions (& acknowledge the real world by doing so) was kinda wild tho since the marvel stuff is so toothless and abstracted.

PS ben affleck dick twitch

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