The Scary of Sixty-First

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This review may contain spoilers.

no eye emoji but this is one of the only movies i've seen that remotely captures the derangement of being alive right now this second+. like just go read epstein’s wiki page & see how u feel abt things after that. just dip a toe in. also shooting a movie abt the reality-warping influence of epstein (the 1%'s pedophile best friend) in a style heavily indebted to another famed, feted pedo (roman polanski) is clever … the conspiracy devours itself.

the scene where dasha figures out the pentagrammic arrangement of epstein's various properties reminded me of that chapter of from hell where william gull explains the horrific secret occult topography of london to his increasingly uneasy coachman. also this ends w a blood-soaked woman being told she’s imagining things by a man she went to for help...

+ another is koji shiraishi’s occult

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