Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I challenge you to read everything lmao. This is my most dedicated review so far.

So, here's the thing: Tarantino wondered one day 'what if when she was about to get murdered, a neighbour got in the way and changed history'? After thinking that, Quentin made a whole movie of around 3 hours JUST to get to that moment. That movie has no plot, no character arc per se, no mystery yada yada yada.

It is only things happening that develop/flesh out characters. It is well directed, well fucking acted, great visuals, great sound and all. But, what is the point of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"? What is it?

When the movie got to the big climax, I didn't feel like it was the ending, the final confrontation. I was expecting more of a grand finale for such a damn long movie. Maybe the darn narration (something I don't really get why Tarantino got the hots for lately...) broke the pacing for me, and that's why it felt incomplete; to me at least.

Either way, if the point was cinema nostalgia jerk off, it worked for me. The characters were dope af and all the individual moments were very awesome... but.

As a whole: what was the point of the movie? Just the homage to cinema and L.A. back in the old days? Mixed with a wacky idea about the Manson situation? Cause if it is just that: Why the holy fuck in the name of satan did Tarantino made this almost 2:45 minutes long?

Like, I know Pulp Fiction is also light on plot and takes a long time, but it is more of a straight to the point movie, with separate chapters and more characters. There's also the scenes being in random and all, something that hooks your attention.

Hell, I really can't rate this movie right now. I just watched it, and I am still processing it. Not disappointed tho, but I feel like "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is not going to be for all types of movie watchers. I am not SAYING THIS IN A SNOBBY WAY, OK? HOWEVER, this is the greatest opposite of a marvel movie.

This is not for those with short attention span, not for those looking for action (even tho ya know... there's some lmao) and not for those looking for grand finales with extravagant set pieces and all.

This is Tarantino "jerking off" all over the movie with his love for cinema and talent for writing characters.

If you're still reading this, thanks. I am usually not so serious about my reviews here, but Tarantino stuff has a special place in ma heart. This movie deserves a long review.

Oh, and the dialogue is way more "realistic" than his old style. Not that cartoony (both styles are awesome in my book, but if I had no idea he made this and found it on television at the middle of a scene, I do believe I might not be able to tell just by the dialogue that it was his movie.)

I need to sleep now... jesus...

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