Killing Them Softly ★★★★½

“[something something] the economy
[something something] America.” 
— Bush and Obama on every tv in this movie

To say this movie is written with a heavy hand is a disservice to movies written by the chubby mitts of the McDonaghs and James Cameron. Killing Them Softly is basically written by Hellboy, and it’s fucking wonderful for it.
Beat. Me. Over. The. Head. With this Shit

Not to mention the visual flourishes, abrasive editing,  and some wonderfully on-the-nose needle drops (because why else would you have a needle drop Bryce? Even Scorsese knows this) that make this stand head and shoulders above its peers.

This movie is for the cynical bastards. And damn if it isn’t welcome in This Year of Our Lord, 20 and 20.

“None of this means anything. It’s all bullshit.”

— New York Mickey, aka the greatest mob character of all time and a true inspiration 

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