Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark ★★★★★

“In a musical, nothing dreadful ever happens.”

One of the most devastating and eccentric films I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Lars von Tier — a filmmaker whose work is always interesting through extremely  skewed — delivers a thoughtfully presented and emotionally resonant experience in this powerhouse of a character study. 

Lars von Trier is such an interesting filmmaker as he can handle desperation in such an articulate way in some film and in others he devolves into this masochist who only creates works not worth discussion. This is not a case of the latter; the film is so hauntingly stressful yet there’s this beauty to the entire picture that keeps it’s fresh through these idealistic escapist dream. 

Björk — who I already knew was one of, if not, the best songwriter of all time — gives a vulnerable and nuanced performance that left me sobbing. She has this raw intensity to her voice that is unmatched. Her line-delivery and body movements felt so articulate and stunning.

I’ve had the soundtrack to Dancer in the Dark on repeat since I experienced this masterpiece. Every song has this masterful introduction that builds up to a heart-wrenching climax. Everything about Dancer in the Dark is what I’ve been wanting in a Lars von Trier film and more. 

Would Recommend!

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