The Addiction ★★★★½

“Seventh circle, huh? Dante described it perfectly.”

A simplistic metaphor used to exemplify the most animalistic desires. Abel Ferrara, yet again, understands the deepest depths of human nature as he projects his own experiences of dependency on substances in order to tell this grimy tale ridden with bloodsuckers. Constantly you are bombarded with moral quandaries and questions you never find yourself asking. The Addiction probes your brain and heart with striking black and white images and a haunting score set along the brownstones of The Bronx. Our focal character Kathleen inquires about her new found desires with Christopher Walken’s Peina once — resulting in no closure, with just moments of insight — because above all else The Addiction shows it’s titular thematic quality as nothing more than a free for all. Everything about this picture begs for self-inquiry as well it paints this brutal and mystifying mood.

Would Recommend!

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