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  • Hagazussa



    a dark, ethereal nightmare set firmly both in the 15th century and in it's way's - inspired heavily by Robert Egger's The Witch, though (i think) without any paranormal elements.

    brimming with this existential, all encompassing dread, Hagazussa is shot, scored, and editted beautifully, the films palette heavily natural, gorgeous vistas of the mountainside quite the juxtaposition for the horrors happening within them.

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    to diagnose (or even dismiss) Portrait Of A Lady On Fire as simply a Queer Tragedy is to me reductive to the basest of levels, though purposefully true.

    yes, Portrait tells a story of regret - but not regret of something negative having happened.

    one of the films core messages, in my opinion, is to take solace that something happened than torment in no longer having it - "'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

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  • Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks

    Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks

    my relationship with Doctor Who is painful

    on one hand every piece of the show pre 2018 and Big Finish

    on the other hand the entire Chibnall Era

    Chibnalls terrible writing (and Jodie being superb) has made Jodies Doctor infuriatingly compelling because my brain expects a character arc that isn't happening

  • Dreams



    To Preface everything I am about to say: This is a gorgeous film. Akira Kurosawa is an acclaimed director for a reason, and I believe this genuinely serves as an interesting character study into him as a person.


    Old Man Yells At Clouds.

    the last three films in this anthology(?) are all horrendously oversimplified, naive takes on genuinely nuanced concepts, and i think it really harms their otherwise brilliant craftship, bringing the potentially thematically rich concepts down to very…