Die Hard: With a Vengeance ★★★½

I continue my journey though these Die Hard films with the third entry in the series Die Hard: With a Vengeance! This was actually directed by John McTiernan after he directed Arnold in both Predator and Last Action Hero, so it was nice to see him return to this action franchise! The always great Jeremy Irons plays now plays the brother of the dearly departed Hans! I mean the language and violence in this one is TOP NOTCH stuff! It’s not surprising that Sam Jackson got a key supporting role in this as he was REALLY great in Pulp Fiction the year before! John McClane is back for this third one and he’s backed up by an impressive number of Character actors including Graham Green, Colleen Camp and Larry Bryggman as Inspector Walter Cobb! Not really sure if I was down with his plan to rob the Federal Reserve of it’s gold but otherwise this was a SOLID third entry In the series! Of course John has to bust out one last Yippie Kay Yeah! As he proceeds to vanquish the bad guys!