[REC]³ Genesis ★★★

And I decide to make it a REC double feature. Horror Rewind 2012. This opened in Barcelona on March 28th but wouldn’t open up here in the States until September 7th. After newlyweds Clara and Koldo have their wedding interrupted by the Zombie Apocalypse, they take matters into their own hands. This one is made up as more of a found footage, with a bunch that was taken at the actual wedding. Just like the first film, there is definitely a good bit of gore to help keep things interesting. And just like in the first film, the zombies look super creepy. I like that the two friends dress up like medieval knights but things don’t get interesting until the Bride whips out a chainsaw and I like how “The Padre” uses the power of The LORD to stop this zombie menace! So overall, I thought this was pretty solid, with an appropriate enough fatalistic finish.

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