The Miracle Worker ★★★★

So Patty Duke died 2 years and 2 days ago. I had originally gotten this film as a remembrance for her but I just never got around to it. So allow me to do it today. Both lead actresses may be gone but this is a powerful film full of powerful imagery. Patty Duke plays Helen Keller, who has been deaf and blind since birth and Anne Bancroft plays Annie Sullivan who is tasked with getting her to communicate. The late William Gibson adapted his own stageplay here and while most of this cast and crew may be gone, at least both of her parents are still alive. This just has gorgeous B&W cinematography courtesy of the late Ernesto Caparrós but the composer of this film, Laurence Rosenthal is still alive and now 92 years old! Listen, is this film a tad melodramatic in spots, but whatever. The scene where Helen Keller is reaching for the water coming out of the pump and FINALLY communicates is one for the AGES!