Nomadland is a serious film about serious issues. Not three minutes in, we see two-time Academy Award winner Frances McDormand pissing in an open field, before we cut to the title card (white text on black screen, no music. Distributed by Fox Searchlight, a subsidiary of Walt Disney, Nomadland depicts the struggles of the houseless in Arizona. Now, why someone would need Disney to tell them about the plight of the houseless is certainly a question to ponder over.
At absolute face value, Nomadland has all the right ingredients for a Critically Acclaimed ‘Issues’ Film; reliable leading performance from a great actor, pan shots across the American West, an ability to relate to almost every viewer despite its specific subject matter, a score from the typically overwrought Ludovico Einaudi that only occasionally pops up. But where Nomadland crosses the line between middling and morally questionable is in its casting.

My piece on Nomadland for Red Fightback is now up! Please read or I’ll cry.

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