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  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled


    holy crap, my first Woo and now i'm wooed. so many innocents killed in the line of war, i'm woozy.

    cruel business vs. ineffective state. a world where it's impossible for the police to win and whose presence forces the maniacal businessmen to go full cruel and murder innocents and threaten babies. at least the gun dealer gang doesn't just export violence, they own up and partake themselves. clearly the rational policy is not to play the game, but everything is emotion here.

  • Duck Soup

    Duck Soup

    These four chuckle fucks spend a little over an hour dishing out bad jokes while mugging the camera begging the viewer to laugh at their asshole antics. Not a single joke lands. It's an eyerolling stand-up routine with some sets thrown into the background which only serves to highlight the unrelenting flow of flatlined one-liners and stupid gags. Inventiveness of the anarchic comedic form? I'm not giving credit for prototypical bad comedy.

    It wouldn't be so offensively awful if it…