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  • Flight 7500

    Flight 7500


    Scout Taylor-Compton is the only good thing in this. Without her it would be 0,5 stars!

  • Ascension



    My friends hated this movie, so I finally had to decide for myself, and see this. What was this, and why did I like it somehow?
    It's basically "Stalker" with 3 girls and some stairs instead. I won't say it even belong in even the slightest way in the leagues of "Stalker" but somewhere behind those monotone words, the shady camera-work, and everything, I feel there's something hiding. Not a lot of things works in this, but still, I somehow…

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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King

    It's like my ex... Pretty on the outside, but ugly, cash-hungry, emotionless, and soulless on the inside.

    Even my cat didn't watch it, should have joined!

  • Skins



    There's no words in the world, that can describe this movie, but I'll try!

    If you have problems with your looks, then give this a go!

    I enjoyed this weird and disturbing movie.

    Those soothing pink and purple colours everywhere was a very nice touch, and helped all the madness settle down. It's a very beautiful movie all around, and with practical effects, that's just what I like to look at. It's a visual delight.

    In this movie there is:…