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  • Gargoyles



    Watched on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the very best, old horror movie channel, new Castle After Dark. Stars The Naked Prey’s Cornel Wilde and Scott Glenn!

    Gargoyles feels as if it could be an influence on the Jeepers Creepers series.

  • Night Train to Terror

    Night Train to Terror


    I now need to see Death Wish Club!

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  • Psycho



    My review entry isn’t so much about Hitchcock’s movie, but rather how much its influence I’ve noticed in recent viewings of  Dario Argento’s Suspiria, Tenebrae, Opera and possibly Deep Red.

    The washing off of blood in sinks with running water, the bare bulbs, Arbogast’s characteristic hat, the overhead shots, the flushing of items down toilets, and, I swear Deep Red’s wind-up puppet’ inspiration is evident in a toy spotted in Norman Bates’s childhood room.

    Sure plenty of directors have been inspired and even homaged Hitch, but tonight while viewing Psycho, I could spot Argento’s inspirations all over this classic thriller

  • A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

    A Lizard in a Woman's Skin


    This was a great watch. Love the visuals and Francis Bacon 'n swans painting-inspired dreams, the excellent, 'cold-blooded, reptilian primitive brain wrapped in warm-embrace' title.

    There's the guy from Zulu and Hell Drivers, the doll-come-to-life from Baba Yaga, the snazzily-dressed Florinda Bolkan who I last saw in Don't Torture a Duckling (oh, her character's fates in cemeteries!), the lady from The Fifth Cord... so yeah, the cast quickly won me over.

    Fulci's gore is here and caught me off guard…