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**Before getting in to my review I want to fully stress if you're going to watch this film make sure it's the Uncut version. There are numerous places you can find it but there's also numerous places you can find the basic Possessor film as well. Possessor: Uncut is what needs to be experienced. It's almost a completely different film entirely. The base version of Possessor doesn't nearly live up to the brutal exceptional quality of Possessor: Uncut.**

Possessor: Uncut, directed by Brandon Cronenberg (son of David Cronenberg), is a sublime and surreal masterpiece. I feel the need to get this out of the way immediately: This film is absolutely not for the feint of heart. If you're in the least bit squeamish or put off by extreme and unsettling violence you may not enjoy this film. With that being said I never once felt like the violence was unnecessary or the extremely mature tones on display overdone or unnecessary. This is a sci-fi horror/thriller film in the utmost meaning and one that has to be seen to be believed.

Possessor: Uncut follows Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) an assassin who has a very unique way of carrying out her hits. Using an implant injected into the brains of unwilling and unwitting individuals she's able to fully control them and their actions. Through this method of control she's able to use these individuals to kill the required high-profile people. Like any typical assassin story she has a handler named Girder (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who oversees the process and handpicks the individuals that need executed. Although the job is beginning to take a mental and physical toll on her Vos agrees to perform another hit on a wealthy CEO named John Parse (Sean Bean). To perform this job she possesses John's soon to be son-in-law Colin Tate (Christopher Abbott). This proves to be a much more arduous task than Vos expected whenever Tate proves not so easy to control. From this point things begin to spiral out of control for both Vos and Tate that leads to both of them attempting to gain control in what can only be described as an absolute mindfuck.

The acting is absolutely top notch in every single way and is always delivered in a very believable manor. Andrea Riseborough is wonderful as Vos encapsulating the struggles Vos face separating her personal and professional lives. Oftentimes throughout the film those worlds blur and Riseborough makes you believe that she's almost being torn in half. But the real star of the film is Christopher Abbott. His portrayal of Colin Tate is mesmerizing and truly a sight to behold. Cronenberg really puts him through the gamut of emotions and he delivers countless times over and over again. He portrays Colin as someone who always has something off about him that is noticeable you just can't put your finger quite on what it is. Christopher has the unnerving task of not only playing the character of Colin but also of playing the character of Vos within Colin and it's truly a sight to behold.

The cinematography is what you would expect of a Cronenberg film whether that's from Brandon or his father David. It's beautiful, horrific, transcendent, and bizarre in all of the right ways. There are countless jaw-dropping moments in just the way it's filmed that account for different kinds of reactions and emotions. There are very few films that have elicited so many shocking scenes that I honestly lost count after so long (and a lot of them are not the gorier scenes). The way Possessor: Uncut is filmed is just extraordinary and it's something that really can't be explained, at least exceptionally well.

As I said before Possessor: Uncut is absolutely not for the feint of heart. It's brutal, uncompromising, and utterly shocking in ways I surely did not expect. It's pure sci-fi pulp that's just begging to be devoured. Brandon Cronenberg deserves one hell of a lot of credit because I truly felt like I was living this brutal experience right alongside Vos and Tate. It has some of the most evocative and explicit imagery I've witnessed in a predominantly sci-fi film and I'm so glad I experienced it. Possessor: Uncut uses some groundbreaking special effects to deliver numerous scenes that can only be described as visceral. David Cronenberg is a visionary director in a lot of ways and Possessor: Uncut proves that Brandon Cronenberg is also ready, willing, and able to continue on that tradition as well. While not for everyone, I cannot recommend this film enough. It's truly a sight (and story) to behold.

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