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Helder Frazão

Just a Brazilian pretentious gay asshole trying to get into cinema.

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  • Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the '60s in Brussels

    Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the '60s in Brussels

    Didn't connect with it. It simultaneously tries to be a conceptual french new wave piece and a 90s teen film, and it doesn't work, because it doesn't really feel connected to its own characters, or to anything, really. It's just kind of slow and boring. I couldn't even finish it, it felt that it had no point, and I tried to be entertained, but the painfully corny musings of Michele didn't really feel like her genuine feelings. The characters NEVER…

  • Outer Space

    Outer Space


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Content Warning: The film features flashing B&W reel.

    This is a fucking terrifying experience.
    If anything, it reminds me a bit of one technique by Alfred Hitchcock —a kind of exposure tension — and Sound Collage music. We have been exposed to the lady entering the house, and hitting something with what seems to be a lamp, however, we don't have the full picture, the film goes out of reel, burns, dissipates, overlaps and loops in such a way that…

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  • Parasite



    Protip: don't carry rocks around if someone hates you

  • The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat

    The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat


    Much like Baignade, this is just early documentary cinema. Not a lot is going on, but the fact that we have people distinctively existing, is kind of whimsically mystical, you wonder where they were going, or what they were thinking, what they were living through.
    Or maybe it's just my curiosity speaking for me.
    Anyway, I can't picture myself rewatching barely a minute of footage ever again, even though it's kind of curious.