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  • Music and Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics

    she's the lyrics to his music.......... he's the music to her lyrics...............

  • Jawbreaker


    teen movies peaked in 1999. here's the evidence:
    - 10 things i hate about you
    - the virgin suicides
    - girl, interrupted
    - but i'm a cheerleader
    - drop dead gorgeous
    - jawbreaker
    - she's all that

    thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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  • Bombshell



    how can a movie starring charlize theron, nicole kidman and margot robbie, three of my favorite actresses, end up being so average?

    also, what's up with the weird zooms and looks into the camera? is this an episode of the office?

  • Bridesmaids



    can you believe that there actually are people who don't like chick flicks?????? imagine having no taste in movies, i can't relate, i'm a Cinephile and i only watch masterpieces.