Possessor ★★★★½

So much genre cinema of this sort is painfully sterile and cold but here this actually comes across as perfectly fitting for its concepts. People aren’t people here, they’re simply the operatives of objects and that’s absolutely appropriate. Cronenberg Jr. also seems to have a bit of a subtle sense of humor which makes the film feel less static in tone. Yes it’s still very much clinical, but clinical in the way the organization of things is increasingly becoming from how businesses are generally managed to digital interfaces to interior design and architecture to the cultural hegemonic branding of streaming services, Uber, OnlyFans, and the like. The personal becoming unpersonalized. Feeling incredibly unreal yet at the same time almost too real when it comes to those highlighted contemporary conditions it’s digging into whether knowingly or not. A fantastic example of high concept sci-fi horror made unnervingly intimate.

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