The Perfume of the Lady in Black ★★★★½

In terms of color, tone, and overall style this has a strong Vertigo vibe and I love it for it. There’s some Psycho in here too. The greens in this are so good. Pinks, purples, and yellows also stand out. One of the best shot Giallo I’ve seen yet. It’s nothing super technically impressive, it’s just really effective. The use of reflections through windows, mirrors, and any other glass surface are wonderful at giving a sense of multiple frames within frames. Whenever light peers in through shades is another standout of the visuals. I labeled it a Giallo, and I still consider it one, but don’t go in expecting the typical black gloved killer and police investigation.

Mimsey Farmer is such a striking leading lady. She has like the blondest hair I’ve ever seen and one of the most innocent looking faces. She’s so angelic in a way that evokes an almost haunting looming death quality. Like heaven is all around her waiting to take it’s next soul from the living. It’s similar to how I feel about Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby and speaking of that, I can see some of that films influence here too. That Disney’s Sleeping Beauty comparison I made when reviewing The Red Queen Kills Seven Times is equally appropriate here, maybe more so. I keep half expecting Maleficent to show up in a bright vivid green flame. Argento was damn smart when he looked to early Disney films for influence on the visual and tonal qualities of Suspiria.

Barilli only directing 2 1/2 films is such a shame.

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