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  • Heartstopper



    Horror Scavenger Hunt 33 – March 2021 4/31
    Subtract 10 from the year of release of film #3 (Yoga Hosers) and choose something released that year (2006).

    I always have been curious to watch this movie for years because I always remember seeing DVD copies of this movie at my local video stores back in the late 2000s. You also can't go wrong with Robert Englund (The original Freddy Krueger for people who don't know). I finally watched this movie…

  • M.D. Geist

    M.D. Geist


    Anime Marches On 2021
    Four anime from the 1980s (1/4)

    I haven't seen this anime in years and I still enjoy it for what it is. M.D Geist is a fun guilty pleasure anime in my opinion. This anime has a bad rep for being one of the worst anime ever made when it's nowhere as terrible as people make it out to be. The story is nothing original and the characters are generic, but it's so entertaining. You have…

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  • Excision



    Daily Horror Hunt #32 (February 2021) 3/28
    Watch a movie from Matt Winfield's Top 100 Horror Flicks List.

    I never heard of this movie until a few weeks ago and I decided to watch it because the premise sounds cool. After watching the movie for the first time on Amazon Prime (As of 2/7/2021), I was like "Wow". Excision is a very well made movie and I enjoy every minute of it. Excision is an interesting character study movie that…

  • Mandy



    31 Days of Horror 2020: Movie 21/31
    Hooptober Se7en: 2020 Generations 25/35
    Six Decades (5/6): 2010s

    I loved this movie ever since I first saw it when it came out in 2018. This movie is one of my favorite movies of the 2010s and it left an impact on me after watching it. It's one of those movies that I love to think about from time to time. I was in the mood to revisit this movie again and this…