Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★★½

HORRORx52 (2020) (6/52)
A color in the title

I do remember seeing this movie on TV as a little kid, but I only remember one or two scenes of this movie. So I'm counting this movie as a first viewing. After watching this movie for the first time on Shudder, I thought it was pretty good. Fade to Black is a cool and creative horror movie that deals with a crazy movie buff that becomes a serial killer. This is the movie that The Fanatic (2019) wants to be, but fails. I do love the makeup work in this movie because it still looks good for a movie that came out over 40 years ago.

The movie is super entertaining because the movie glues you to your seat on what will happen next. I really enjoy Dennis Christopher as Eric Binford because he does a great job of playing a socially awkward and unlikable movie buff that looks harmless. His character sums up my mental image of your typical nice guy/incel in today's world. You also have solid performances from Norman Burton (Planet of the Apes 1968), Tim Thomerson (Trancers), Mickey Rourke, and Morgan Paull (Blade Runner) as well.

I do like the general message of this movie is to warn people when someone's hobbies go way too far. Clearly Eric Binford is someone who has mental health issues and never got the proper mental help treatment. While I do really like this movie, I still think the movie could have been better. I wish they polish the script more to add some more depth to the story. It would have been cool if they made a darker movie that shows more of the human psyche of a crazy fanboy. I also feel like the supporting cast feels lackluster too.

Overall, Fade to Black is a good movie that is worth checking out. I won't mind seeing someone remaking this movie in today's world. Rating: 7.5/10

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