• Time Stood Still

    Time Stood Still



    Olmi already in total control. Such a warm and sweet film with a keen and sympathetic eye for relationship. Snowy landscapes, people in isolation, meditation on the generation gap, slowly becoming friends, blizzard and it ends with a lovely piggyback ride. Olmi really nicely explores the dynamics between the characters. It's a quite visual film, there's some naturally incorporated gags and the widescreen photography is pretty great. It's a simple, sincere film with lots of heart — a very accomplished debut from Olmi..

  • Brutal




    Really good for her.

    It starts off a kinda murder mystery then goes back into a flashback mode giving us the backstory. The first half never really loses much focus and it is necessary but this certainly is a film of two halves. Second half is where the film lives up to its title and it becomes a feminist piece examining themes of liberation and exploitation. It's a portrait of oppression and abuse of women in a patriarchal society.…

  • Ecstasy




    Interesting because first ever onscreen orgasm and shots of Hedy Lamarr running naked. Overall a decent meditation on love and desire, but doesn't have much depth. Visual storytelling is pretty solid , the outdoor shots are quite nice — it has the feel of a silent film with very few dialogue which was pretty nice.

  • July 14

    July 14



    Quite charming and a very gentle romance with lots of heart. There's some funny comic bits. Clair's direction is very good, visually it's really accomplish and the transitions were so fluid. It's little thin on the plot but the wonderful mood totally makes up for it , and it moves like me on a lazy afternoon so that's always nice thing. Side characters were really great too and I wish there was a little bit more focus on the community but overall I can see this getting better overtime. A very pleasant experience.

  • Mio on the Shore

    Mio on the Shore



    Mio is a lovely character. A nice and touching coming of age story. There's some sadness underneath but general the vibes are warm and gentle, and the quiet moments are truly beautiful. Redevelopment stuff towards the end was little strange but it does give the film a strong sense a community. Overall a really very pleasant film.

  • Ivan the Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot

    Ivan the Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot



    The greatest jumpscare of all time when shit turned from b/w to colour. Literally popped for that. It's an out and out visual excellence, the theatricality again is wonderful, but this doesn't have the control and rhythm of the first film. Just didn't expect it to go so wild and chaotic but overall still of course a very good film.

  • Ivan the Terrible, Part I

    Ivan the Terrible, Part I



    A really big flex from Eisenstein. Grand set designs, stunning images, brilliant close-ups, the wonderful use of shadows, the beautiful theatricality of it, the natural rhythm. Truly mesmerising from start to finish.

  • Hell's Hinges

    Hell's Hinges



    Casual racismo aside, yeehaw!!!

  • The Covered Wagon

    The Covered Wagon



    Not too familiar with westerns in general but this one is pretty solid and it seemed like a work that helped shaping up the genre for years to come. The story is pretty decent, the scope is quite epic, the performances are good and it's shot very well. It maintains a good rhythm throughout and managed to produce some moments of excitement. Solid film.

  • Histoire(s) du cinéma

    Histoire(s) du cinéma

    Probably beyond any rating, at least after one watch. This is quite inaccessible at times. It's huge, incredibly dense and pretty complex. It's not much really a history of cinema but more or less Godard's portrait of his love and fascination for the medium, the art of cinema — or even his attempt to actually break the notions of cinema's credibility as an art form. Plus he tries to understand cinema's social and political connections and its consequences over the…

  • A Story of Yonosuke

    A Story of Yonosuke



    Such a wonderful film. The way this sneakily turns the happy and joyful vibes into sadness is absolutely brilliant. It kinda broke my heart but it's a still an incredibly heartwarming film and it shines with its beautiful simplicity. Lovely lovely film.

    Also Shoko-chan please be my wife 😭😭

  • A Borrowed Life

    A Borrowed Life

    Suddenly, I remembered the time... I was left alone in the movie theatre. For a moment, I felt I was left alone by Father again. Again, he had left me in this space, filled with low sobbing. He himself, on the other hand, went to a place, secret and strange to me, where I'd never been, where he and his buddies were having fun.

    This is truly an epic and it's heavy in a way I wasn't expecting. It's a…