Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

Ok, some positives to start off:

Will Smith was great. He owned the screen whenever he was on, and entertaining in his Will Smith way. Margot Robbie was also very good, and seemed to fit the character of Harley Quinn (at least from the little I know about her. And it's very little.) And I can't believe i'm typing this: Jai Courtney was pretty good too. I feel a little dirty typing that.

Also Batfleck was the highlight for what little we saw of him.

This movie in comparison to other 'superhero' movies is hardly serious at all, and instead gave me the impression it was going for 'laid back and fun'. Which is a bit refreshing.

And that's about it for the positives. As for the negatives....

There's a lot for me. This movie starts off really bad by shovelling nearly half an hour of exposition down my throat, and i'm immediately bored. And aside from Smith and Robbie, all of these characters are barely there. They are treated like extras that are along on a tour guide. Who's this asian masked woman? Who's this croc guy? I know i said I like Jai Courtney in this, but who is he? None of these things are shown in the slightest, and that's incredibly sloppy. I will go ahead and say that The Human Torch had some good character development though, and is portrayed here much better than Chris Evans ever did. (For the record, I am well aware that wasn't the human torch. Sarcasm doesn't work well in text form.)

Jared Leto was bad. Really bad. I'm so happy that his screen time was limited because I don't know how much more I could've stomached.

The villain was completely random and really did nothing, wasn't explained properly and was a major let down.

The soundtrack, while great songs, really didn't work for this movie. Just felt like they picked all these random great songs from all these different genres and placed them in different points of the movie because...reasons. After the third song it became incredibly frustrating.

The CGI was so terrible at points I was laughing. The editing and the explanation for several points during the movie was very lazy and sloppy.

And to finish on my major points, the end scene of the movie was so headache inducing, I actually sunk my head and shook it for several minutes.

This is far from a good movie. However if i squint really hard, I could say this is a fun enough stupid romp with 2.5 decent performance. But I won't.

At least it's a small step up from BvS. Barely.

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