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  • The Wandering Image

    The Wandering Image

    With this film I have thus watched every surviving Lang silent which is pretty neat. I originally was gonna watch it in the chronowatch but for some reason I decided to skip it, well not anymore

    Pre-UFA Lang is interesting in how much he works with nature instead of his usual studio-heavy ventures, almost leaning towards Bergfilm territory here. There's an intriguing dichotomy between rationality and faith from the perspective of a man and his wife torn apart through an…

  • Carrefour


    The mood and compositions are the most interesting part here. It's not often that I see a film about WW1 veterans, as far as I know this type of character only got popular in films after the second world war. In here he's an older man who fought 2 decades ago and has left that life behind, yet here's a piece of intrigue that haunts him back into the crossfires

    It's an ok movie tbh

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