Videodrome ★★★★½


Oh hell yeah, this is everything i could’ve possibly asked for in a 80s horror film. It’s both fun and terrifying. It’s got some surprising amount of social commentary wich i adored, it made it so much more than just a classic horror film. It’s genuinely an amazing film. I’ve been eager to check out Cronenberg’s work since i’ve seen so much praise for him and how he is one of the legends of horror. I was super excited to see what was so uniqe and different about his films from all of the other mediocre 80s horror films. I honestly expected it to be an okay but fun/scary movie but oh my was it terrifying. 

The social commentary about media and how it can make us delusional and how it affects our lives is mixed in brilliantly with the horror elements. It had this dream like lynchian vibe that was both disturbing and intriguing. Also the plot is so uniqe and original. I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ll go a little in depth on the social commentary but no spoilers.

Okay so Videodrome is basicly at it’s core about the power of media, centring on the rise of television and video. The 1980s was an era which allowed home media to blossom, allowing pornography and graphic violence to be watched whilst never leaving your home. The boundary of societal extremes was been pushed. People wanted (and still want) something seedy.

Entertainment, especially violet entertainment, is so often masochistic. People like to hurt themselves. Videodrome shows a world where people are desensitised to their media and through that they are literally dehumanised. In a society where media becomes more and more ubiquitous, everyone becomes more and more accepting of what was once unacceptable. To some extent, this relates to the old battle of whether the media contains too much sex and violence. But that's a sideshow, of course people like to watch those things. If the media controls us by showing too much, it could surely change us by taking it all back. A truly Brilliant and near perfect horror masterpiece.

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