Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★½

I’ve always been a huge fan of Space Jam. I don’t care if people say it’s stupid and nonsensical because I just love it. With that being said Space Jam 2 was easily one of my most anticipated releases this year and it took very little to be disappointed. This movie is inferior to the original in every possible way. The plot is extremely messy and confusing for no reason especially when the plot of the first film was so simple and it wouldn’t be that hard to do something a little different without over complicating it. The rules of the “serververse” and the game itself are extremely confusing and all over the place. Some of it is clearly just fun for kids, and thats totally fine, but it still needs to make some sort of sense. Then there’s obviously the fact that this film is basically a big expensive ad for HBO max, which didn’t bother me too much because some of the crossover stuff in the beginning was really fun, but it just kept going after that and it felt very unnecessary. 

The acting overall was pretty terrible too. Michael Jordan wasn’t the greatest actor or anything, but I think he just fit in better with the story than Lebron does. His line delivery mostly felt flat and devoid of emotion, so much so that half the time it felt like a Nike advertisement or something. But even though his character was completely ridiculous Don Cheadle killed this role and it was nice to see him having so much fun with it. I still found a lot to enjoy with this film and it was nice to see a new version of something I always had so much fun with. 

My thoughts on this movie are comparable to my thoughts on Scoob, both of which are Warner Bros properties that I’ve always loved through my whole life. Even though these movies don’t live up to my expectations, it is nice to see them be made anyway so that kids today can enjoy the same things I got to when I was younger. I really do hope Warner Bros starts to get a better handle on their properties and finally try to make something that feels less like pandering and like more of a love letter to what came before so that fans of the originals and younger audiences can all find something to enjoy.

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