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  • The World According to Garp

    The World According to Garp


    Robin Williams is not good here, it doesn’t work, he’s annoying. Glenn Close and John Lithgow are the only reasons to watch this film. In short, it feels itself more groundbreaking than it actually is.

  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    Hard but at the same time very comforting to sit through. It’s pretty much a great movie and by all means Casey Affleck deserved his Oscar.

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  • Someone Has to Die

    Someone Has to Die


    It starts promising, but it turns out to be a very trashy and cartoonish melodrama without a trace of subtlety.

  • Rifkin's Festival

    Rifkin's Festival


    Fuck the haters. This is a such a funny, brilliant film, one of Woody’s best ever. I laughed and smiled for 90 minutes. There isn’t a mediocre or bad scene in sight, and Allen’s comments on the fate of cinema, modern relationships, nostalgia, life’s disappointing expectations and the great legacy of his favorite filmmakers are present here in a way that only enhance his own legacy as a writer and director, without a trace of presumptuousness. For someone who has…