The Death & Life of John F. Donovan ★★★★

from xavier dolan's filmography, my favorites are laurence, anyways, it's only the end of the world and mommy, especially mommy. what these three have in common is that the daily life has its own beauty, characters are flawed and carry a dazzle of real world's imperfection within them, but mostly, they're all endowed by humanity, and such humanity is something that xavier dolan always manages to bring to life graciously, and i can't help but be fascinated by the beautiful mundanity he brings to life in his works — and that continues to mark its presence in his latest movies. the death and life of john f. donovan may not be dolan's best, but despite its flaws and reputation, it's still good, and its cinematography, soundtrack and performances makes it worth the watch. exploring media exposure, inner conflicts and sexual identity, this melodrama doesn't fail to make those looking for something that captures our essence as flawed beings, embraces the beauty of the ordinary daily life and reflects on who we really are fall under its spell.

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