The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

It is fun to be queen sometimes.

Watching The Favourite is always a delight to me. It's such an entertaining and downright hilarious movie. I've laughed out loud throughout this entire movie every time I've seen it. Every single line Rachel Weisz delivers is so venomous and perfectly sadistic. But what I had underestimated is just how heartbreaking and vicious The Favourite is. It never occurred to me until today just how vile and nasty this movie really is. The Favourite leeches off being vulgar and provocative. It does have its moments that are actually deeply unsettling and extremely visceral but it is only until too late into the film that you realize just how merciless this movie is. I was shocked to find myself tearing up in this movie. Something about Queen Anne's confession and her breakdown really hit me like a whirlwind, it was painful to watch but it was honest. The pain that she felt from the devastation of her losses and dissatisfaction hurt me in ways I can't even explain. Its a haunting portrait of a woman who loses everything. Even my own mother said she felt deeply sorry and saddened with Queen Anne's tragic story. But even though this film is so vile it still feels seemingly honest; and real. Something about it is so relevant to today's society. The hurt in Anne's eyes and the damage done to her and her kingdom by the end of this film is bruising. As queen Anne puts it "with each loss it takes a piece of you" and that's exactly what The Favourite does. With each act The Favourite silently coils around you making you Its victim slowly waiting for the perfect time to strike. And then the ending hits and the darkness lying underneath is finally revealed. The Favourite is a film that lingers while simultaneously focusing and zooming in on a game of power and control that will destroy anyone and anything in its way.

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