Ex Machina ★★★★★

“So....do you know what a Turing test is?” 

This is one of my all time favorite movies (it’s probably in my top 10) & I saw it multiple times in the theaters back when it came out. It’s been years since I’ve seen it so I was excited about the rewatch but also a little nervous to see how it held up. 
And yeah to me this was as good as seeing it when it came out. 

What a journey this was from beginning to end. Alex Garland is a low key genius for crafting this movie (& his other work). 

And can’t forget that dancing scene. Still had me busting out laughing even though I’ve seen the clip of it a million times. 

Early on the subtitles said “eerie ambience” at one point. Kind of hit the nail on the head on that one. 

I loved all the outdoor landscape shots. They were all so beautiful. 

The tension building score during the power cut scenes was also great. 

I liked how quick the introduction is. Like we see Caleb in his office then the helicopter ride then he’s on Nathan’s property. It wasted no time getting right into the meat of the movie yet also didn’t feel rushed either. 

I don’t want to elaborate on all of them because then this review becomes a book but this movie does such an excellent job of addressing so many ideas far beyond just the general idea of A.I. It’s fascinating. And I think that’s why this movie will continue to age so well (its only been 6 years though). 
The other reason I think it aged so well is the visuals. From an aesthetic standpoint but also the camerawork. For example, Nathan said earlier that his robot helper Kiyoko couldn’t understand English. But then when Nathan and Caleb were discussing sexuality, the camera repeatedly focused the scene on Kiyoko with the conversation continuing in the background as if to imply she did understand (spoiler: it’s revealed/confirmed later that she does). 

I probably should have mentioned this before now but as fascinating as this movie is conceptually to me, this movie probably doesn’t work without the great performances from Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, & Oscar Isaac. 

I’d be down for a sequel: Ava in the real world. Like what if we have AI like Ava living among us and have no idea? 😱

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