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  • Nomadland


    Besides being shot on Ultraprimes, I see absolutely no flaws with this movie. 

    I’m glad Frances got to practice for Lady M throughout the many many Shakespeare references

  • The Player

    The Player

    Introducing my roommates to Altman. One of the best movies about movies that isn’t about making movies

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  • Songbird



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I got really high and watched a preview of this so I’m going to just post all of the messages I wrote to a group chat that absolutely did not ask or care for my opinion on this movie.

    Incredibly incoherent spoilers ahead.

    >So far? Songbird looks terrible
    >It was spot on a Komodo with laowa lenses
    >So far all handheld and all bad
    >Covid 23
    >Got to see kJ Ana’s butt
    >So far so good
    >There’s a wounded warrior…

  • 17 Again

    17 Again

    So let me get this straight:

    Zefron teaches his daughter how not to get laid and then teaches his son how to get laid?

    Then Dawn from Buffy says no to sleeping with her boyfriend that looks kinda like Machine Gun Kelly and then immediately tries to sleep with her dad?

    And you’re trying to tell me that only MGK is drinking at this house party?? 

    This movie sucks and it makes me feel bad