The Little Things

What an uninteresting set-up for a less interesting let down of an ending. 

But more importantly: can we talk about how incredibly terrible the editing is? Take the scene where we first see Jared Leto for instance: there’s like 8 different angles of Denzel and it feels like the studio made the editor include all of them so they just cut from Denzel to something for 12 frames then cut back to Denzel and then back to something then back to Denzel and it gave me a headache. 

There is an interstitial transitional cut that start to move as though there was a dolly reveal and they removed the thing they were revealing from the final edit but then they kept the wide and left it just long enough for it to start moving and then cut to a second establishing wide that was static,,, so why did they not either cut the first wide before the camera moved it remove the suit all together if they have a second angle that covers the entire thing??

Moral of the story: I don’t think the director knew what this story should be and it shows in every single frame and every single cut and every single idea that this movie throws out and then doesn’t follow up on

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