Cowboy Bebop ★★★★★

So I finally decided to see what this show was all about... I think it’s about a lot of things. A lot of broad ideas on life and love. To tell these broad, epic ideas you need a broad, epic story that transcends typical genre constrictions. You need a pulpy space western noir comedy cyberpunk tragedy filled with vast worlds and relatable people. 

what is cowboy bebop about?
It’s about feeling lonely and pointless in the universe. Restless and bored, you drift through space and you drift through time. Day after day doing job after job. Until you pick up a dog and your whole world changes. You begin to appreciate your one constant friend more. You begin to pick up more strays - more lonely souls. And then you realize that if you all drift lonely together, maybe you don’t have to be lonely at all. 

what is cowboy bebop about?
It’s about confronting your past. You’ve tried for so long to bury it, but you know it’s always there. You don’t know where you come from, or you don’t know where it went, or you loved something dearly and now it’s gone. It’s too much to think about so you just don’t. But maybe you should.. maybe you should confront those people or those places from your past. Maybe you should inhale and just let go. 


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