Farewell My Concubine ★★★★½

you’re young and you’re small in a world that is massive and cruel. it takes everything from you. you don’t quite understand everything, but you know that it hurts when they hold you down, when they take everything from you. and you know that you’re alone. until suddenly you’re not. because one boy looked at you and showed you kindness and understanding.

and then you grow up with him in a life that neither of you chose with an identity that neither of you chose to have. but whether you had a choice or not doesn’t matter. you devote your life to the art, to pretending, you devote your entire self to being a fake version of you. life imitates art and if you’re together forever in that art, then surely life will follow.

but life has never been kind to you has it? you lose him - or did you ever really have him? - and you lose yourself. the world falls into chaos around you. you are swept up in the tragedy of a life that was handpicked for you while the screeches of an angry people play in the background.

life imitates art, or does art imitate life? either way, it’s time for the curtain to fall.

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