Nocturnal Animals ½

Whoever casted Isla Fisher to play the fictionalized version of Amy Adams.... their mind!! 

This was a really new take on a revenge story and I liked that I’ve never really seen anything like this before. (If you missed that this is a revenge story, the giant sign that says REVENGE that Amy Adams’s character walks in front of is a good hint.)

I think the novel within the movie works really well here to show the difference between a fictionalized revenge story versus real life. It was a cool narrative framing device. 

But I think this movie has quite a few issues that prevent me from being totally on board with it. The really obvious symbolism got tiring and I hated HATED the opening credits. 

I also just personally have a hard time getting invested in stories where women are raped and/or killed specifically so the men in their lives can angst over it. So the story within the story made me go lol.. okay... a lot. 

And then the main story never got me to hate Susan enough for me to feel anything but sad and annoyed at the ending. Fuck Edward dude! Like am I really supposed to be rooting for a guy getting emotional revenge over a woman for choosing to get an abortion? Cause I don’t! So that also made me go lol.... okay a lot. 

scavenger hunt 53 —> watch a movie featuring Armie Hammer 

(whoever casted Armie Hammer as the super smarmy unlikeable dude knows what’s up. The casting director for this movie killed it.)

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