Mother ★★★★★

First film of the year, so I had to celebrate one of my favorite director’s of all time, Bong Joon-ho, with the last film in his filmography I needed to watch, Mother.

I often see this film compared to Parasite, and that was painfully confusing to me until the big reveal of the plot. This story is so masterfully told, I’m not quite sure if many films are able to do what Bong Joon-ho did, which is done through his incredible script, the beautifully, layered performance of Kim Hye-ja, which might be one of my favorite performances of all time, his powerful framing of each shot and the use of a telephoto lens, which is much better described by the Youtube Channel, “Every Frame A Painting”, and the care Bong Joon-ho took in making sure this story is told right.

Adults with intellectual disabilities are never represented in film well. They are mostly shown as savants, which creates an ableist viewpoint from others in society when they meet someone with an intellectual disability. This also really portrays well the ableism that they may face from others inside and outside of their family. 

I can easily see why this is a lot of peoples’ favorite Bong Joon-ho film.

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