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  • The 400 Blows

    The 400 Blows


    I’ve been playing older, foreign language films I’ve already watched in the background as I stresswrite essays because nostalgia is an effective coping method according to nostalgia experts. But this one made me stop what I was doing and actually rewatch it. I love it even more the second time and Jean-Pierre Léaud is truly amazing, especially at this age.

  • Nimic


    Yorgos Lanthimos  🤝  Classical String Music (Britten’s Simple Symphony III. Sentimental Sarabande)

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  • Minari



    When I was younger, there were times when we’d go years without seeing my grandparents’ faces. The few times they were able to visit, they always brought anchovies, chili powder, banchan, expensive Korean medicine in the form of nasty drinks, and seeds for Korean vegetables. And while my brother and I loved our grandparents, there were moments when we’d get annoyed at them - how they stuck out like a sore thumb, how they disrupted our routine, how Korean they…

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    I believe that art always finds you at the right time...this film certainly did for me. I think any Asian immigrant whose family is mostly in Asia will feel this film on another level. All the guilts, regrets, and longing. This summer, I went to Korea and for one of the first times, it felt like home. There, I had a massive family. There, I had people who cared about me. There, I had grandparents who were getting older and…